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Best gaming keyboard under 100  

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Whether you are looking for the ultimate in mechanical keyboards or are on a budget, a good gaming keyboard can bring your gaming experience to new heights. Choosing a good keyboard is important if you are serious about gaming because you want something that gives you the feel of possessing a true computer in your hands. Gaming is serious business and a keyboard will help you make sure you are not missing out on any key commands. You want a keyboard that lets you know instantly whether you've hit the right key or not.

For the best gaming keyboard under 100 $ it is best to choose a keyboard that uses Cherry MX red and black keys. Mechanical keyboards like the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, Logitech G fighting keyboards, and the Cooler Master Elite keyboard have been designed especially for gamers. These companies provide high quality mechanical switches that give you a firm, responsive and quiet tactile feel.

An additional feature to look for in a keyboard is a wrist rest. The wrist rest will prevent your wrists from getting tired when you spend hours in the game. The wrist rest will also help reduce your fatigue when you are typing because it adds extra pressure to your hands. A wrist rest is not always included with a full-priced mechanical keyboard, so be sure to check out the extra features and see if it is important to you before you buy.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the response time of the keyboard. The response time is the amount of time it takes for a key to be fully pressed and released. Responsiveness can mean the difference between a satisfying gaming experience and a frustrating one. Most keyboards advertise their response time in ms (millions of presses per second) but keep in mind that it only has an effect on the first few presses which are the critical ones that give you the feel of using the keyboard.

The other thing you should consider when choosing a gaming keyboard is the price point. The cheapest ones are usually made up of plastic and are often less durable than some of the more expensive ones. Gaming keyboards are no different. While the cheapest ones might be good enough for casual gamers they are definitely not up to par with more serious gamers.

When looking for a gaming keyboard, it is best to stick to keyboards that are made of full mechanical keys. The biggest advantage to mechanical keys is that they give the kind of response time that you would only get from keys that utilize bipolar contact bearings. Bipolar contact bearings work very well for high-durability rubber keys. If you find a good deal at a discount site, you might even be able to get a few extra keys to play with depending on what key sets you buy. Many of these discount sites offer free shipping to attract customers, so check them out!

For those that want the best gaming keyboard under 100 Dollars, there is the Razer Cylinder USB membrane keyboard by Razer. The best thing about this keyboard is that the keys respond extremely fast and have incredible control. Some of the keys are also Programmable so you can set them up to act like specific commands. If you are looking for something compact, the Razer Cylinder comes in at a full five inches long and only three inches wide. If you want something with macro functionality but don't need the extra keys that come with the big kids, this is definitely a great choice.

If you want to go all out and get a five hundred dollar gaming keyboard, the Logitech Kaurus keyboard by Logitech is definitely worth checking out. It has a programming facility which allows users to create different keypress combinations. It will even let you know what keypress combinations are currently being used by your friends. This means that if you want to play together and decide on a certain strategy, you can easily do so without having to get up and change hats. The Kaurus also has ten levels of macro functionality so you can really make sure you're not behind in game.

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Just let me know one thing if I allow you to choose one keyboard between A4Tech and Razer which one do you choose and why? I used both brands but I can't feel the difference between them recently I bought a Razer RGB gaming keyboard and mouse set from Couponcodify and it was a completely different experience for me.