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Easy Hacks to Develop a perfect reflective essay outline


Did your instructor just tell you that you have to submit a reflective essay assignment in the next week? Have you already started wondering if you are going to develop an outline of your essay or not? Well, you are not alone. Every student faces the dilemma of “to outline or not to,” whenever they have to write an essay. Well, if you are listening to me, I would say that outlining not only for your essays but for all your write my essay tasks is a good thing and you should do it. However, in the case of a reflective essay, I would say that outlining your essay is a must thing. You cannot write a well-structured and organized essay without outlining your essay. 





Why outlining a reflective essay so important?


Students usually have no time, especially for academic writing tasks. Therefore, they need to know the importance of writing a reflective essay outline, if someone is going to suggest them to make an outline before writing the first draft of their essay. Well, the following are the reasons that make outlining an important step in writing an effective reflective essay:


In a reflective essay, you have to talk about your thoughts and experiences about a certain event in your life. You have to discuss how it affected your life. You cannot write all this in an organized way, without creating an outline or prewriting planning of which information goes where.


I know many of you think that outlining takes extra time and it is not even required by the instructor. However, you do not know that in the long run, an outline not only saves a lot of time but also keeps you from hitting the essay writer block.


With an outline, it becomes easy to write a coherent essay. Your thoughts automatically flow in a streamlined manner.


Components of a reflective essay outline


Writing a reflective essay is a tough job. However, with an effective outline, you can write your complete reflective essay in one go. If you are thinking of outlining your reflective essay, you must know that a usual five-paragraph reflective essay has three main components like other types of academic essays. A reflective essay outline of a five-paragraph essay would look like this:




In the introduction, you have to not only captivate the interest of the readers but also need to make sure that the readers fully understand the topic of your write essay for me  task and also understand the central point of your essay by the end of the introduction. The introduction of your reflective essay would have the following key aspects:


Hook statement: you should open your essay with a bang. You can share a funny anecdote from your personal life or anything that would make the reader, read your essay till the end.


Overview of the topic: after captivating the attention of the readers, you should start providing a brief overview of the topic. You should not assume that the readers will know this, you should briefly mention those things in the introduction.


Thesis statement: At the end of your introduction, you would give a strong thesis statement, in a sentence or two. You should make sure that the thesis statement unambiguously states your position. Your whole essay would be revolving around the thesis statement.




You will be discussing the thesis statement in your body paragraphs. You will provide supporting details and evidence to support your arguments regarding the thesis statement. Your usual reflective essay would have three body paragraphs.


First body paragraph


Topic sentence: The topic sentence should be encompassing the even or interaction that is under discussion


You can discuss all the sub-events or important things happening around the time in a chronological way


A brief summary of the event under discussion, so that the readers fully understand the contours of the event and could relate to the event


Second Body Paragraph


Topic sentence: first main idea or effect of the event on your personal life


Evidence supporting your argument: you can mention a few improvements that happen in your life after the incident


Analysis of the discussion: by applying logic and rational thoughts


Third Body Paragraph


Topic sentence: Here you can either discuss the effects of the event on the lives of others or can further discuss the effects and influences of the events on your personal life


Strong evidence supporting your argument


Logical analysis of the discussion by the application of rational thoughts or else consider an essay writing service.




Reemphasize the thesis statement


Briefly discuss all the main points discussed in the body paragraph and how they prove your thesis statement


Moral lesson of the story


In the end, you can give some recommendations to the readers


Some bonus tips


A reflective essay is about your viewpoint, so you should not shy away from giving your opinion and impressions.


Use first-person pronouns while writing a reflective essay


Use past tense while hearing your thoughts from the past or talking about past experiences


Use appropriate transition words to maintain the coherence of your essay


Watch what you are writing: If you feel uncomfortable with sharing a certain experience of your life, you should not share it.


You can get a bit imaginative while making your reflective essay outline


You should try to write about things and issue in a general sense so that the readers can relate


If you think some detail is inappropriate, do not share it


Stay professional: I know you are writing a reflective essay and you are allowed to use the first-person pronoun but you should remember that it is a piece of academic writing or get a paper writing service help.


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